I always knew writing is what I was meant to do with my life, and I am determined to get there. But I'm not so vain or proud to think that I can do it alone. 


A writer is only as strong as those who believe in her. 


So for those of you who believe in me, who believe in my characters and the worlds I have created - I need you now, more than ever - to become my Sisters my Amazons my Tribe


The Robins to my Batman (or Baskins - lol). The Dragons to my Khalessi. (Together we can claim the Iron Throne of Westeros!)


Point made? Good.


Here's what you can do to help a gal get a little closer to touching the stars: 


1) Tweet -  You be surprised by the power of the Hashtag. And if you want to give my girls in the Sisterhood a special shout out - do so with #JoinTheSisterhood :) 


2) Blog - and be sure to tag me on Facebook or Twitter so I can ugly cry over your gushing words. Want to interview me? Hells yeah! Tell me when and where :) 


3) Have a conversation - Word of mouth recommendations are huge and go a long way to sparking interest. No one wants a sales pitch, but almost everyone welcomes a sincere suggestion. 


Friends, fam, colleagues - heck, the hobo on the street! I'm free and easy (to read - lol). All they need to do is check me out on Wattpad and click a measly little star as payment for each glorious chapter!


Great, but what's in it for us? 

Aside from my eternal love and devotion? Access to exclusive freebies such as new content and swag (t-shirts, mugs, cell phone charms and many more cool ideas yet to come). Gotta keep my ladies rolling in style don't I? 


So, let's show the world what the Sisterhood can do - and spread the word.


For everyone who has followed in my journey thus far, you guys are amazing. And to anyone new to the bandwagon - you're even more amazeballs.


Infinite X's and O's