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My Story

Fallon DeMornay is a YA Fantasy/Adult Contemporary author known for writing powerful girls smashing the patriarchy, often with swords, or stilettos.

Hounded by literal voices in her head, compelling her to write, in the words of the wise F. Scott Fitzgerald, “Writers aren’t exactly people…they’re a whole lot of people trying desperately to become one person.” So, she's chosen to embrace the madness. And the gift.

Through Wattpad, Fallon has done commissioned work for H&M, PANDORA, and Warner Bros, was twice reviewed by RT Book Reviews, a Top 10 finalist in Harlequin's SO YOU THINK YOU CAN WRITE contest, and featured in Cosmopolitan Online Magazine. Affectionately referred to as Wonder Woman by her own real life Sisterhood, when she’s not writing, she can be found tearing up the dancefloor to Salsa or Bachata.

Her debut,
STILETTO SISTERHOOD, was released in April 2022

My Books



When they first met, best friends Priya, Isobel, Caitlin, Eshe, and Shayne swore a vow: Chase dreams not drama. Now, years later . . .

Priya Seth is determined to win the coveted one-year mentorship with her idol at New York’s hottest law firm. Her rival? Last night’s hookup, Hadrian Marek. Despite having a privileged upper hand, Hadrian is willing to form an alliance. Priya’s only condition? No sex.

Isobel Morgan is planning the perfect wedding, fighting to get the promotion she deserves, and caring for her dependent father. But when a video of her cheating fiancé goes viral, her world comes crashing down until she gets an offer that merges her passion for news and activism. The caveat? Long hours and travel away from her father.

As these young women discover that achieving dreams is often erratic, and drama is as inevitable as adulting, the foundation of their friendship begins to crack, putting their sisterhood to the test.



"Violence came easy to my mother, the mightiest of the Swordsworn. A dark gift that, much to the chagrin of my aunt—and the unerring pride of my grandmother—I’d inherited."


Markswoman meets The Ones We Burn: A girl from an elite women-only warrior clan is chosen to uphold a centuries old-peace treaty, and must decide whether to serve the empire that enslaved them. Or bring it to its knees. 

A CHILD SHUNNED BY THE STARS . . . Raised in the mountains amongst a fierce sisterhood of elite warriors, Sinadine longs to prove her worth to her people, and dreams of glory at the edge of a sword she has yet to earn. But when the emperor dies and an imperial escort is sent to collect its customary tribute of three girls to serve the new heir, to be free of her curse, Sinadine is given an ultimatum: offer herself in service, or face banishment from her clan, if she refuses. Furious that she must sacrifice her dreams of glory for chains to the empire that enslaved them, Sinadine is thrust into a dangerous web of imperial politics, where she conspires to assassinate the emperling before the crown can touch his head. Easy enough for A GIRL TOUCHED BY DARKNESS . . . The emperling is the last son of a dying line. If she succeeds, her clan and all future generations will be free from tyranny but it she fails, Sinadine will be executed for treason-and her entire clan along with her. Failure is not an option, and while threats lurk in every corner, the biggest obstacle that stands between her and victory is Navarre: the emperling's bastard brother-and loyal Second Commander of the Imperial Army.



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In the press
In The Press

RT Book Review - Jan 2016

Out of Focus:​
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
The Story: Eva's a talented photographer with a growing business on Haven Island — she's also a single mom in the Witness Protection Program. Marshall's an investigative journalist sent to unmask her. When Eva's business goes viral and things between the pair heat up … you'll want to keep on clicking right though [to] the very last page.  

RT Book Review - June 2016

Stiletto Sisterhood :

Genre: New Adult Contemporary/Chick Lit
The Story: Who doesn't want to be a member of Taylor Swift's squad? Or have a group of girls who've always got your back? These ladies (the vixen, the activist, the icon, the maven and the rebel) live by the motto: "Chase dreams. Not boys." And we are here for all of it. As these ladies try to make it in the world, their exploits are narrated by "six" the final member of their group, with prose, texts, GIFs and more, and you'll be rooting for them the whole way. 

"Fallon DeMornay writes mind-blowingly good romance that's original and fun and engaging and super hot. She is definitely an author to pay very close attention to..."

Kevin Fanning,

Author: Kim K Breaks The Game

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2018: Wattcon - Speaker/Panelest  
2017 RT Convention  - Speaker/Panel - Leveraging Wattpad 
2016: Huffington Post Article - Diverse Characters
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2016: Cosmopolitan Review
2015: So You Think You Can Write Top 10 Finalist 

2015: FanExpo Panel - Digital Storytelling 


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