Be you. Whoever that is. Your purest truth. Be a blinding anomaly.

~ Nayyirah Waheed


Words that inspire the mind and ignite the soul

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Join the Sisterhood

I always knew writing is what I was meant to do with my life, and I am determined to get there. But I'm not so vain or too proud to think that I can do it alone. 

A writer is only as strong as those who believe in her. 

So for those of you who believe in me, in my characters and the worlds I create - I need you now, more than ever - to become my Sisters. 

The Robins to my Batman (or Baskins - lol). The Dragons to my Khalessi. (Together we can claim the Iron Throne of Westeros!)

Point made? Good! :) 


Here's what you can do to help a gal get a little closer to touching the stars: 


1) Tweet -  You be surprised by the power of the Hashtag. And if you want to give my girls in the Sisterhood a special shout out - do so with #JoinTheSisterhood :) 


2) Blog - and be sure to tag me on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or Twitter so I can ugly cry over your gushing words. Want to interview me? Hells yeah! Tell me when and where :) 


3) Have a conversation - Word of mouth recommendations are huge and go a long way to sparking interest. No one wants a sales pitch, but almost everyone welcomes a sincere suggestion. 


Friends, fam, colleagues - heck, the hobo on the street! I'm free and easy (to read - lol). All they need to do is check me out on Wattpad and click a measly little star as payment for each glorious chapter!


Great, but what's in it for us? 

Aside from my eternal love and devotion? Access to exclusive freebies (such as new content and maybe even swag!)


So, let's show the world what the Sisterhood can do - and spread the word.


For everyone who has followed in my journey thus far or even if you're new to the bandwagon - you're amazing and so appreciated.


Infinite X's and O's

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EVA TURNER’s a single-mom in witness protection hoping to start over and establish lifelong roots on Haven Island. But things get complicated when her small-scale photography business goes viral on social media (a la Humans of New York). Putting her artwork–and her–into the spotlight where she can’t afford to be.


MARSHALL DAVIES is a world-weary investigative journalist suffering PTSD, with his eye on a coveted promotion that will get him out of the field and line of fire. But the producers want to see if he can deliver more than blood and bullets and bombs. Thanks to a tip from his younger sister, Marshall thinks he’s found his angle in the reluctant overnight sensation located on the island where he grew up. He’s exposed terrorists and slippery politicians; a single-mother should be child’s play.


While passion sparks between them—the kind that sizzles and burns and shows her the last five years haven’t been about living, but existing—Eva has to somehow elude the spotlight, and the ghosts of her past, or risk losing not only her new life/identity, but custody of her girls.

New Adult
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What do a reluctant royal/MMA fighter, fashion guru, cover model on the rise, TV production grunt out to change the world, and a brilliant Harvard Grad that loves tequila/loses her panties have in common?


Each other.


PRIYANKA, ISOBEL, CAITLYN, ESHE & SHAYNE are five diverse millennial best friends out to conquer their dreams.


But even the best laid plans can go awry when life kicks open a door and Mr. Right or a slew of Mr. Right-Now strut on through. 


Follow their trials and triumphs as they face relationship dramas, job issues, and adjust to life in the adult world -- where nothing is easy and the real challenges begin as each member of the Sisterhood is ripped in a different direction - literally. 


Will they keep the Sisterhood together, or drift further apart?

AVAILABLE for purchase!

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about me.

My name is Fallon
And I am an Addict...

I can't stop writing.


Characters, plots and dialogue bombard me day and night, pestering my dreams and waking moments, until I put them to paper.


As a result, I have more completed rough drafts under my bed then most women have shoes in their closet ... And I own a LOT of shoes.


To quote the wise F. Scott Fitzgerald, “Writers aren’t exactly people…they’re a whole lot of people trying desperately to become one person.”


So, I've chosen to embrace the madness. And the gift.

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Represented by Jim McCarthy

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Hey! it me! =D

Wattpad Panel - Evolution of Storytelling: Digital Literature - Fan Expo 2015


Wattpad4 panel at THE BOOKCON - 2018

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Chase Dreams, Not Boys
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RT Book Review - Jan 2016

Out of Focus:

Eva's a talented photographer with a growing business on Haven Island — she's also a single mom in the Witness Protection Program. Marshall's an investigative journalist sent to unmask her. When Eva's business goes viral and things between the pair heat up … you'll want to keep on clicking right though [to] the very last page.  

"Fallon DeMornay writes mind-blowingly good romance that's original and fun and engaging and super hot. She is definitely an author to pay very close attention to..."


RT Book Review - June 2016

Stiletto Sisterhood :

Genre: New Adult Contemporary/Chick Lit
The Story: Who doesn't want to be a member of Taylor Swift's squad? Or have a group of girls who've always got your back? These ladies (the vixen, the activist, the icon, the maven and the rebel) live by the motto: "Chase dreams. Not boys." And we are here for all of it. As these ladies try to make it in the world, their exploits are narrated by "six" the final member of their group, with prose, texts, GIFs and more, and you'll be rooting for them the whole way. 

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  • RT Bookreviews - Top 3 Books on Wattpad (June 2016)



Article in RT Digital Magazine - May Issue 2016

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Don't worry, there's 

More to come...